If you are an artist, sculptor, or creator of other works of fine art, or if you are a collector or dealer, we invite you to submit images (jpg) of works for sale for online display in the Shelbourne Street Gallery.

The service currently offered, which is free of charge, limits image uploads to a total of twelve per account holder.

In the future, paid enhancements to the service offered may include unlimited image upload, an auction facility, and a customized Desktop viewer that, by default, downloads a contributor's own images.


To populate the Gallery, initially, we have taken images, with acknowledgment, from various sources on the Web.

Terms of use

For website users

Hotlinking to images in the Shelbourne St. Gallery (hereafter, the Gallery) is prohibited, but you may link to pages within the Gallery or load image files to another web server, provided that a link is provided to the Gallery page from which the image has been taken.

For vendors

By uploading an image or images (hereafter, the work or works) to the Shelbourne Street Gallery (hereafter, the Gallery) you acknowledge that:

you are the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of the work(s) submitted;

the work(s) submitted are not obscene or libelous and that you agree to indemnify the Gallery for any claim or demand made by any third party arising from the images you submit;

submitted works are reviewed for quality, good taste and any other criteria the gallery may chose to apply, and items that fail to meet the standards applied will be declined without discussion;

because submissions are moderated, there will be a short delay between the submission of an image and its appearance online;

the Gallery may at any time to modify or discontinue the service offered.

For vendors and buyers

It is understood that in entering into an agreement to buy or sell a work represented in the Shelbourne Street Gallery (hereafter the Gallery) all dealings, including the provision of warranties, the setting of conditions, the making of payments, the delivery of works, and the settling of claims for refunds are solely between the vendor and the purchaser, and that the Gallery has no liability arising from such dealings.

For users of the Desktop viewer

The Desktop viewer (hereafter, the software) is the intellectual property of the Shelbourne Street Gallery (hereafter, the Gallery), a division of Heron Publishing, Victoria, British Columbia.

In downloading the software you understand that:

whereas the Gallery has endeavored to ensure that the software functions as intended to display images from the Gallery on the user's desktop, performing this function without detriment of any kind to the user, including the user’s computer hardware or software, the Gallery accepts no liability for any damage or loss that may be sustained resulting from the use of the Software.

Privacy policy

The Shelbourne Street Gallery (hereafter the Gallery) requires that those registering to upload images of works for sale (hereafter, vendors) provide contact information and other details. Such information will be protected to the best of our ability and used only for the purpose of managing the Gallery website and communicating with vendors concerning their accounts and possible changes in the service offered or the terms on which service is offered. Contributors’ email addressses will not be made public.